The Mission

Our Veterans have stories to tell and you can be part of the solution that enables them to raise their voices.

Our Mission

To enable those who have served with honor to tell their stories, communicate their value, and succeed in the civilian world.


We believe every active service member, reservist and veteran deserves to transition smoothly to civilian life.

We have developed the Elevating Executives Visibility Program specifically to enable this. 
To enable those who have served to understand:
  • Who they are?
  • What differentiates them? 
  • What value do they add?
  • To whom and why?
  • Why should those people care?
  • And communicate all of this easily and succinctly to those they wish to engage with.
Listen to our interview with CDR Pete Canalichio, USNR, Retired, who talks about his transition from active duty to his time with Coca-Cola and how all of this experience has enabled him to become the branding expert that he is today and the driving force behind

How do we accomplish this?


By developing with them a multi-platform content package that enables them to tell their stories in the right way, to the right people.

This program includes:
  • We have partnered with BRANDALIVE.AI to provide a self-guided platform to enable individuals to understand their mission, vision, values and brand.
  • A digital workbook based upon Ben’s book, “Powerful Personal Brands: a hands-on guide to understanding yours.”
  • A podcast interview designed to tell your story and showcase you as a trustworthy thought leader.
  • A chapter in a best-selling book, ghostwritten for you, that enables you to shine, including hardcover copies for them to distribute.
  • A three-month Public Relations Campaign that promotes the book and those within it.
  • A social media package, full of short videos, images, quotes and short audio files for you to share forever.
  • A digital photography package to provide you with up-to-date professional images of yourself that you can share.