Elevating Executives
Visibility Program

Kickstarting the Journey​

Every venture is unique!

It begins with a conversational dive into your world – understanding your organization, aspirations, fears, and what “Great” truly means to you.

Our approach starts with you, tailoring the Elevating Executives Visibility Program to achieve your aims and goals.

Launch With Impact​

Our aim is immediate attention and a long-lasting impression.

This program creates individual podcast episodes, a best-selling book with launch, and a six-month Public Relations campaign – all strategically timed for sustained impact. Our goal is to provide a face and a voice to the names, enhancing your thought leadership.

A Content Goldmine:

Podcast segments transformed into engaging social content for your channels and newsletters.

Consistent brand elevation, armouring you with content to distinguish yourself in bids, marketing, and beyond.

The Investment​

Are you ready to harness the power of your leaders, stakeholders, and clients, each worth millions annually?

They pave your path to success, believe in your vision, and forge your future.

A 2.5% investment is a small price to show them gratitude and enhance the essence of your brand.

We have developed programs for professional associations based on 50 participating members at $12,500 US per member.

As well, our corporate programs are based upon 25 participating leaders, clients and stakeholders participating at $24,850 US per person.

NOTE: We aim to customize our programs to fit your needs, wants and goals.

Your Achievements Deserve Global Celebration – Enter the Elevating Executives Visibility Program.

An exclusive journey tailored for visionaries:

🌟 Co-author a Bestseller: “Leaders Who Elevate” – Chapters will be ghostwritten from your podcast interviews, showcasing your wisdom.
📣 PR Strategy: A precision six-month PR campaign establishing you as the authority.
🎧 Podcast Glory: Podcast appearances on elite shows – Sharing your insights worldwide.
📸 Personalized Cover: Personalized copies of the book with your photo and logo.
🎁 Gift 100 Copies: Present signed books to your most valuable clients and stakeholders.
🚀 VIP Launches: Four virtual launch events elevating your influence.
💼 Tailored Kit: A launch kit to engage valued customers.
🔥 Social Media Content: Boost online presence and thought leadership.

PLUS… Receive a “Powerful Personal Brands” workbook to uncover your unique communication style.


Giving Back to the Community

We believe in giving back to our communities and will stand with your choice of charity.
$10,000 minimum donation to a charity of choice and all net online book sales profits to your chosen cause.