Elevating Executives
Visibility Program

Kickstarting the Journey​

Every venture is a unique journey, commencing with an in-depth conversation about your world

– comprehending your organization, aspirations, fears, and the true essence of “Great” for you.

Our approach is centered on you, shaping the Elevating Executives Visibility Program to match your aims and goals precisely. We intricately explore your organizational landscape, understanding your dreams and concerns.

The program is then meticulously tailored to harmonize with your vision of greatness. By prioritizing your distinct needs, we ensure a personalized and effective strategy that propels you toward your aspirations, providing a transformative experience for executive elevation.

Launch With Impact​

We strive for both immediate attention and a lasting impression.

The program crafts unique podcast episodes, a bestselling book launch, and a six-month Public Relations campaign, strategically timed for enduring impact.

Our objective is to personify names, amplifying your thought leadership with a face and a voice.

A Content Goldmine: Podcast segments morph into compelling social content for your channels and newsletters. This ensures consistent brand elevation, equipping you with distinctive content for bids, marketing, and beyond.

Our approach combines timely strategies for sustained influence, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.


NOTE: We aim to customize our programs to fit your needs, wants and goals.

The Investment​

Are you ready to harness the power of your leaders, stakeholders, and clients with global reach and impact?

Enabling your story to be told in ways that differentiate, impact and engage?

What would it be worth to you, your business and/or your career to be seen as the thought leader you are and someone that should be considered for larger and more impactful things?

Each cohort is made up of fifty (50) participants and the cost per participant is $15,000.00 for the six (6) month program.

This includes rights of use for all materials that we will provide to you to enable you to tell your stories in meaningful ways that are listened to, understood and valued.


Your Achievements Deserve Global Celebration – Enter the Elevating Executives Visibility Program.

An exclusive journey tailored for visionaries:

🌟 Co-author a Bestselling book – Chapters will be ghostwritten from your podcast interviews, showcasing your wisdom.
📣 PR Strategy: A precision three-month PR campaign establishing you and your cohort as subject authorities.
🎧 Podcast Glory: Your Podcast episode will be broadcast on all major podcasting platforms for the world to enjoy and learn from.
📸 Personalized Cover: Personalized copies of the book with your photo and logo.
🎁 Gifted Copies: Present signed books to your most valuable clients and stakeholders.
🚀 VIP Launches: Four virtual launch events elevating your influence.
💼 Tailored Kit: A launch kit to engage valued customers.
🔥 Social Media Content: Boost online presence and thought leadership.

PLUS… Receive a “Powerful Personal Brands” workbook to uncover your unique communication style.


Giving Back to the Community

We believe in giving back to our communities and will stand with your choice of charity.
$10,000 minimum donation to a charity of choice and all net online book sales profits to your chosen cause.