Become a Patron


Become a Patron and be part of the solution that cements your brand in the minds, hearts and souls of military, veterans and the families that support them.


Becoming a patron of the Elevating Executives Visibility Program for Veterans enables you to support those who served us all with honor. 

It is about allowing them to tell their stories, demonstrate their value and show how the fantastic skills they have garnered in the military translate to adding value to your organization and others.

But this is not charity.  It is an investment, not only in them but also in you.

We have developed an entire package that aligns their stories with yours, allows you to tell the stories of Veterans with your organization or those of stakeholders and clients and provides you with content and social proof that you can utilize on an ongoing basis.  

Let’s book a 30-minute call below.

We will determine if this is the right fit for you and your organization and how this program will tangibly benefit you.

This is about reallocating a portion of your marketing and client retention budgets to achieve a greater long-term return on your investment.


Create Your Own Patronage Packages

We understand that every company is different and that can include how you wish to partner with us to support and honor those who served.

We want to help you develop a package that works for you and your organization, while making sure that those who served are enabled to shine.

Packages can include, but will be customized based upon the conversation we have together:

  • Support your veteran stakeholders, team members, and/or clients, including them in the cadre, and allow them to shine while promoting your brand.
  • A branded podcast to you including clickable links in ever show pages show notes and your ad playing in every episode.
  • Case bound, hard cover copies of the best-selling book for you to provide to your team members, clients and stakeholders with your logo on the cover.
  • Free access to your entire organization of the BRANDALIVE.AI system to enable them to better understand their personal brands, mission, vision and values, so that they can align with yours.
  • Branded social content from each podcast that you can utilize through your social channels and promote your brand.
  • Prominent focus in the PR campaign further elevating your brand and aligning it with the 23 million active military, reserves, veterans and military families.
  • A free-of-charge live keynote address anywhere in North America focused on brand, communication or change.